Gourmet Garage has two arms. All the better to reach you with!




One arm focuses on customized catering.

We plan the details for events individually with the host, creating a unique guest experience for every affair.

We will always overdeliver on food quality, experience and taste.

We want hosts to be able to enjoy themselves at their own event, so we’ll take it on and turn you loose to have fun.

You’ll feel like a guest at your own party.



The other arm of Gourmet Garage is the Commissary.

Through this arm of Gourmet Garage, we supply a clean, fully registered commercial kitchen for rent.

Our goal is to partner with tenant companies to provide opportunities for their growth in the foodservice business.

The Commissary includes a double stack oven, six burners, 24” flat top, and over 40 square feet of useable counter space.

We also have large cold storage available.

We want you to succeed, so we provide the best kitchen in the area, bar none, at very reasonable rates.