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Le Casque - Gourmet Garage

The Le Casque came an idea when Kevin and his wife, Ann, went to Napa Valley in 1989. Ten years later after many trips to California and wine regions of Europe they decided to take the leap and move to Clos du Lac in Placer County also known as vineyard community. Kevin spent countless hours learning and understanding the vineyard operations. He managed 17-arces of Clos Du Lac estate over 10 years. His grapes are the backbone to his success, including numerous award winning wines.


Before Kevin opened the winery in 2011, his wife and himself would come into our former restaurant, Cafe Zorro in Loomis. During that time, I got to know him better and found out that he was a big wine fan and we hit it off immediately. Our friendship has grown and our businesses flourished together. The Le Casque winery is right next door to the Gourmet Garage and we can be found doing all sorts of private events at the tasting room at the Flower Farm. The Flower Farm is just a little café that offers a variety of menu items to enjoy on the patio.


The Le Casque wines are easy to like – because they are really good. If there is someone in Placer County producing a better lineup of wines, I have not found them. Casque wines benefit greatly from Kevin’s love of wine, his studious nature and the artists’ flair he brings to each vintage. Hit up their tasting room Thursday – Sunday and tell them Matt sent you!

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